Richard D. Batson, ND, ABAAHP

Executive Director

Richard D. Batson is the executive director and co-founder of Neurevolution Medicine, LLC, a multidisciplinary clinic integrating neurology, psychiatry, neuropsychology, endocrine and sleep medicine. Dr. Batson’s clinical practice focuses on the personalized treatment of mild traumatic brain injury, ADHD/ADD, anxiety, depression, memory loss, cognitive decline and cognitive performance, hormonal health,  and age management healthcare; the early detection, prevention, treatment and reversal of age-related health decline. He utilizes a variety of treatment methods including metabolic and nutritional medicine, individualized and condition-specific nutrient therapy, botanical medicine, hormone therapy, pharmacotherapy, biofeedback, neurofeedback, hyperbaric oxygen therapy and cognitive training. 

Dr. Batson is the recipient of the 2012 Natural Standard Research Collaboration Award for excellence in multidisciplinary, evidence-based research practices, healthcare communications and information. He has a particular interest in the critical evaluation of medical decision making in conventional, complimentary and alternative medical practice, and is an advocate for evidence-informed inclusive medicine: the practice of medicine which affords equal consideration of available scientific evidence across various treatment modalities with the aim of providing the most-effective and least invasive therapeutic interventions.

Dr. Batson has a special interest in post-traumatic hypothalamic pituitary deficiencies and is sought after by legal experts for consultation regarding hypopituitarism following traumatic brain injury. He served as a primary witness in one of the first US trials in which a verdict favored the plantiff who had experienced hypopituitarism following a mild traumatic brain injury. Dr. Batson provides medicolegal consulting services and orchestrates and oversees multi-disciplinary evaluations for traumatic brain injury cases. 


Michael Seyffert, MD, MS 

Neurology, Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine

Dr. Michael Seyffert is a physician who is triple board-certified in Neurology, Psychiatry and Sleep Medicine. He has completed residencies in pediatrics, child neurology, and psychiatry and fellowships in child neurology, psychiatric neuroimaging and sleep medicine. He completed his post-doctoral work in neuroimaging at the University of Washington. He received additional training at the NYU Child Study Center in functional neuroimaging and Columbia University in Narrative medicine. In addition, Dr. Seyffert was chosen for the prestigious Robert Wood Johnson Clinical Scholar Program at the Ann Arbor Veteran’s Administration in 2014.

Dr. Seyffert has over 14 peer reviewed publications and is active in the area of neuroimaging research. He was a former clinical lecturer in neurology and psychiatry at NYU as has also presented lectures on a diversity of topics including of PTSD, CBT-insomnia interventions, ADHD diagnosis and treatment, functional neuroimaging in ADHD, Autism diagnosis and management, pediatric approaches to diagnosing brain tumors, neuroimaging in Tourette’s Disorder and bridging Neurology and Psychiatry. His professional society memberships include the Child Neurology Society (2002), American Academy of Neurology (2003), American Academy of Sleep Medicine (2008), Air Force Reserve Flight Surgeons’ Society (2011), The Society for the Study of Psychiatry and Culture (2012), American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law (2013) and the American Psychiatric Association (2015). He presently serves on the Neuropsychiatry Subcommittee of the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law and continues to serve as a flight surgeon in the United States Air Forces Reserves at Joint Base Lewis McChord. 


Karen Parker, ND, FAARFM

Naturopathic Physician

Dr. Karen Parker is the co-founder of Neurevolution Medicine, LLC and a licensed naturopathic physician in Washington State. She is board certified in anti-aging and regenerative medicine, a fellow in metabolic a nutritional medicine, and an advanced fellow in functional medicine. 

Dr. Parker has a special interest in hormonal influences on stress resilience, mood, cognition and interpersonal relationships. She provides individualized treatments related to hormonal health, peri- and post-menopausal and age-related cognitive changes, as well as endocrine and cardio-metabolic health. Her preferred treatment modalities include nutrient supplementation, botanical medicine, pharmacotherapy, metabolic weight loss, and hormone therapy. She works in a collaborative care model which includes the disciplines of neurology, psychiatry, sleep medicine and neuropsychological assessment.




Monique R. Lowe, PhD, LP

Licensed Clinical Psychologist

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Dr. Monique R. Lowe is a licensed clinical psychologist and has a postdoctorate in neuroscience as well as a Master of Arts in Marriage, Family and Child Counseling and Art Therapy.  Dr. Lowe specializes in neuropsychology with clinical expertise in working with all age populations as well as in the area of pediatric neuropsychology. Her areas  of clinical expertise include ADHD and attentional disorders, executive function issues, learning disorders, mild-cognitive impairment and memory loss, traumatic brain injury, in utero chemical exposure, and medical disorders affecting cognition. Dr. Lowe aims to help her clients discover and identify their cognitive strengths and challenges, while determining the most appropriate treatment and resources that will best assist them. Dr. Lowe works with children ages 5 and up, adolescents, young adults, adults, couples and families. 




Joshua Goldenberg, ND


Dr. Goldenberg is an active researcher with numerous publications in high impact scientific journals such as JAMA, Annals of Internal Medicine and The Cochrane Library. He is a Research Investigator at the Bastyr University Research Institute and Visiting Research Scholar at the University of Technology Sydney. He has presented nationally and internationally on evidence-based medicine as well as probiotics and research methodology. His probiotics work has been highlighted by the BBC, The New York Times, The Seattle Times, Prevention Magazine, and Fox News. In addition, Dr. Goldenberg has worked in collaboration with Dr. Richard D. Batson to author several systematic reviews in the areas of traumatic-brain injury related hypopituitarism and traumatic brain injury related psychosis.
Dr. Goldenberg is faculty for the Academy of Integrative Health and Medicine’s Interprofessional Fellowship in Integrative Health and Medicine, where he teaches critical evaluation of the literature and evidence-informed practice. He is past adjunct faculty at Bastyr University, his alma mater, in which he enrolled after receiving honors and distinction in molecular biology from the University of Pennsylvania. Dr. Goldenberg works in close collaboration with Drs. Batson and Seyffert as part of the medico-legal research and record review team.