Many factors can affect our focus and attention including genetics, family, school and social environment, nutritional deficiencies, underlying health conditions, allergy, hearing & vision problems, sensory processing disorders, toxins (lead, mercury, etc.), stress, depression, anxiety, memory problems, hormones, disordered sleep and more. Our Advanced ADHD Evaluation affords additional insight into the possible underlying causes of challenges with focus and attention.


Advanced ADHD/ADD Evaluation


  • Comprehensive Medical Evaluation
  • Laboratory Assessment
  • Neuropsychological Assessment
  • Behaviour Rating Scales
  • Attentional Testing (CPT)
  • Brain Wave Assessment (EEG/QEEG/ERPs)
  •  Stress Testing
  • Coordinated Evaluation: Visual, Auditory, Sleep, Neurological


Personalized ADHD/ADD Treatment


  • Neurofeedback & Biofeedback Training
  • Brain-Targeted Nutrient Therapy
  • Stress Modulation
  • Hormone Balancing (Adult ADHD)
  • Behavioral Therapy, Family & Child Counseling
  • Working Memory Training
  • Pharmacotherapy